METAL stands for Media, Entertainment, Technology, and Artistic Leaders, but we embrace all kinds of curious change-makers. This is not a self-interested networking group but a heart-led brotherhood who want to make a difference.

Member - Akash Khokha

Akash Khokha
Partner, Left Field Labs

METAL is a place to become the best version of yourself through mentorship, knowledge, trust and meaningful relationships. Its a church for the mind, a sweat lodge for the heart and a place that constantly challenges you to be on the forefront of what's next.

Member - Akira Chan

Akira Chan
Documentary Filmmaker

What I love most about METAL is that it’s not defined by a leader, a mission, or business model - it’s defined by the quality of the people it attracts and their positive impact in the world. I feel extremely grateful to have the community to call upon when I need support or guidance - either personal and professional.

Member - Akon

Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur

METAL has given me a way to see into the future from next generation currencies to geopolitics. This is an amazing group of men are ethical / trustworthy and I’m honored to be a member.

Member - Ben Vanden Wymelenberg

Ben Vanden Wymelenberg
Founder, Woodchuck USA

METAL has been a part of my life now for over 7 years. Ken’s mentorship, and the brotherhood I have in this group have pushed me far beyond the CEO and entrepreneur I ever could have been alone. Thankful for this incredible organization.

Member - Bill Dorfman Dr

Dr Bill Dorfman
Cosmetic Dentist, TV Host, Author, Founder of both Zoom! Tooth Whitening & LEAP

I have been a member for nearly 10 years. METAL is a community of men committed to personal growth, innovation, and life-long education. But the thing I love most about Metal is that it is a brotherhood of men betrothed to GIVING BACK and making our world a better place.

Member - Brant Pinvidic

Brant Pinvidic
Best selling Author '3 MInute Rule'

Men strive to find and develop quality relationships with like-minded individuals outside of their family and work environments. METAL’s sole purpose is to help successful men thrive by creating and cultivating these personal connections.

Member - Bibop Gresta

Bibop Gresta
Founder, Hyperloop

Thanks to METAL, I was able to launch Hyperloop worldwide and acquire an incredible amount of international talent. The most talented and varied network of professionals I have ever participated in. Over the years it has became my second family.

Member - Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes

I love the METAL community. Heart centered, forward thinking brothers from all over the globe. Always thought provoking and inspiring, always educational and helpful. I'm so happy to be a part of this tribe.

Member - Chris Voss

Chris Voss
Author, 'Never Split The Difference'

METAL is like being at a Ted Conference. Every session is full of valuable, insightful, useable information. I'm grateful to be a member.

Member - Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey
Founder, Bulletproof

METAL Is simply awesome. It is one of the most caring, value added places where entrepreneurs can go to connect with other world changers. The amount of energy that can be put into the group is outstanding.

Member - Eddie Pham

Eddy Pham

METAL has done so much for me as a husband and a professional. I have been able to communicate better with my husband from our personal sessions within The Foundry. As a business owner I have met great contacts and been able to help others with their businesses. 

Member - Edwin Benton II

Edwin Benton II

METAL is the safe house for REAL entrepreneurs to “level up” in all areas of life with cutting edge information, vast market opportunities and most importantly authentic relationships.

Member - Eric Helix Wolfman

Eric Helix Wolfman
Film Maker, Creative Director

I joined in 2014 and it has been an absolute game changer for me. I discovered a group of powerful, inspiring, do’ers who I now get to call my brothers. I work with my METAL family, I play with them and I support and rely on them for support. METAL has become one of the most vital parts of my life.

Member - Erik Oberholtzer

Erik Oberholtzer
Founder, Tender Greens/Cohere

METAL's first look insights into new technologies and ideas gives me an edge in a dynamic world. The community of thought leaders with subject matter supremacy facilitates collaboration across disciplines. And the friendships formed in a safe habitat of vulnerability are deep and life long.

Member - Freddie Ravel

Freddie Ravel
Musician, Keynote speaker

A brotherhood of accountable, giving men that mastermind, challenge and support its’ members by providing a steady stream of heart and wisdom for our ever changing world.

Member - George Verschoor

George Verschoor
VP/Showrunner, Critical Content

Ken Rutkowski and the METAL community curate the best people, leaders, ideas and events that have inspired and enriched my personal and business life for over a decade. Essential. 

Member - Glenn Hemanes

Glenn Hemanes
Graphic Designer

METAL is my family. It is truly a community of heart-centered individuals who strive to help one another grow in all areas of their lives. I'm grateful to be part of such an amazing group of gentlemen. Being a member has helped me grow as a person and as a businessman over the past 6 years.

Member - Greg Logan

Greg Logan
Creative Writer, Messaging Expert

I thought I knew it all. I knew nothing. METAL opened my eyes to the stimulating, the challenging and the emerging. And opened my heart to an incredibly diverse group of guys who want nothing more than to help each other be better. I keep going because I keep growing.

Member - Hyung Kim Dr

Dr Hyung Kim
Director Academic Urology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

I am a proud member of METAL, which is a group of intelligent and highly accomplished, forward-thinking individuals who meet to exchange new insights and ideas. As a physician, molecular biologist and entrepreneur, I value the wisdom and insights I gain by interacting with leaders from a multitude of disciplines.

Member - John Livesay

John Livesay
Virtual Sales Keynote Speaker

If you want to be surrounded by smart, heart-centered men who care about not only your success but who you are as.a person, then METAL is the place for you. Imagine hearing top speakers share their expertise in subjects ranging from science to business, to what the future holds every week. You will leave each Saturday smarter and inspired. The number of closer personal friends and connections I have made in my years in METAL has made it the best investment I have ever made.

Member - Justin Bookey

Justin Bookey
Content Head, EMFATIK

METAL is pure maple syrup for the pancake of my mind. It’s a place where I’m never the smartest person in the room, and I always leave feeling enlightened. More importantly, it builds a habit of generosity, curiosity, and self-challenge that makes us all better men.

Member - Justin Holt

Justin Holt
Senior Post Production Executive, Amazon Studios

In 2018, I made one of the best decisions of my life by joining METAL.  At first, I was drawn to the exposure to learning that was possible at the Saturday events, with incredible guest speakers being a regular occurrence.  After spending time with the group, I discovered much more, a brotherhood of friends that genuinely care about each other’s personal & professional life.  My world is exponentially better as a result of this group.

Member - Kim Se Huang

Kim Se Huang
Rockstar Guitarist, Entrepreneur

Life can have confusing meanings depending on where your values lie, and the guys at METAL help define and inspire your direction. After some time, you will feel that you were lucky to have met Ken and METAL!

Member - Lanre Idewu

Lanre' Idewu
Actor, Producer, Social Entrepreneur

METAL continues to blow my mind! I’m always impressed at the cutting edge information from such amazing speakers. What impresses most is when they leave the stage and sit right next to me. Almost 10 years in...these men are now my friends, mentors, partners and, most importantly, my brothers.

Member - Mark Goulston Dr

Dr Mark Goulston
Psychiatrist, Best Selling Author

METAL is a heart-centered oasis in a chaotic and now dangerous world of game-changing and world-changing men who support each other through the best and worst of times and empower each other to follow Steve Jobs directive to 'put a dent in the universe'

Member - Marcus Bell

Marcus Bell
Music Producer, Best Selling Author

The relationships I’ve developed here have given me some of my closest friendships and business partnerships. In addition many of the guest speakers have influenced my thinking about the future; the ability to access the specialized knowledge of an ambitious community of heart centered men has been invaluable.

Member - Michael Nicklas

Michael Nicklas
President, Backflips Inc

METAL is the quintessential brotherhood, it is a community of like minded men that connect and openly share lessons for bringing out the best in ourselves throughout our days. It's like Church for the Brain every Saturday morning that nudges us along, and gets us to a better place. Simply “Awesome” 

Member - Michael Breus Dr

Dr Michael Breus
Psychologist, Sleep Specialist

Friendship and connection is something I have always had, but I learned what true brotherhood was through MeTal. Bottom Line: this bunch of lunatics have my back and I have theirs, always. It’s about love, respect, learning, and fun.

Member - Paul Big Paul Tu’ivai

Paul 'Big Paul' Tu’ivai
Music Producer, Entrepreneur

METAL has given me a new family of leaders and game changers of industries who believe in being better men allows us to be better citizens, husbands, fathers, brothers, and guardians of all that is good for future generations!

Member - Roger Love

Roger Love
Voice Coach

METAL and Ken have both been invaluable assets and friends to me over the years. Attending the meetings is like dipping my toes into the perpetual fountain

Member - Sam Cho

Sam Cho
Founder, AdFormics

The willingness of the leadership and the members to be vulnerable and open has created an environment of genuine trust and I’ve personally experienced how the members are truly invested in supporting each other. The knowledge and wisdom gained through the relationships as well as Ken and Will’s meetings have been invaluable

Member - Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Sani Abdul-Jabbar
Product Management Leader, Author, Speaker

I joined METAL seeking deals, instead, I found my tribe. As an advisor to tech. startups, keeping up to date on emerging technology and consumer trends is in my job description. Since 2012 this has been a consistent and generous source of knowledge, inspiration, and relationships. Thanks, Ken Rutkowski and METAL.

Member - Sanyika Street

Sanyika Street
PSpeaker, Artist, Teacher

This dynamic community of high integrity, accountable humans has positively impacted my business, my personal life and the way I serve my clients. The membership fee has been the single best investment I have EVER made in my ENTIRE life! 

Member - Shaahin Cheyene

Shaahin Cheyene
Amazon Expert, Entrepreneur, Inventor

Anyone can network, but few can actually connect. I was there in the early days when METAL was started by Ken. It was a small group of dedicated men intent on connection and raising each other up in the world. Now after 15 years, METAL is an unequalled force in the community. I'm proud to call myself METAL man.

Member - Teddy Saunders

Teddy Saunders
Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist

The best part about Metal is the brotherhood of trusting, kind and accountable men. All of these extremely resourceful and accomplished men look out for one another and provide a container of respect and opportunity that could very well change your life for the better.

Member - Will Henshall

Will Henshall
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Songwriter

METAL is the single most meaningful organization I have ever come across in my life. I have met 150 of my close mates over the 11 years I have been a member. In fact, I love it so much I joined Ken as the METAL CEO in November 2019!