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METAL has its roots in the rich, ancient enduring legacy of men forging mutual empowerment, fellowship and wisdom in an oasis from the noise and duties of everyday life.

From cave bonfires to share tales of heroism and practical wisdom to cultivating empires in elite city clubs in London and New York, men have always needed and benefitted from a place to let down their guard, to vision and to help each other achieve together what they could not achieve alone.

Those communal places have largely been lost to men today.

Spending more time alone behind screens, averaging only a single deep friendship or two, men are more isolated than ever. The need for real brotherhood plus the need to stay ahead of the trends of the fastest moving tech-driven economy in human history has given birth to the shape and purpose of METAL.

Once a casual get-together to bring cutting-edge speakers to a group of high-achieving friends, METAL has expanded to become an unique global men’s network of brothers - as rich in intellect and professional resources as it is in heart.

As members of METAL, with its “all-for-all” ethos, men have consistently forged both life-changing business alliances and lifelong friendships..

Into the Future…

IN 2024, METAL is stepping up its game, offering a massively upgraded suite of offerings and services to support our members’ goals of professional and personal advancement.

When you are accepted as a full member of METAL, you will receive:


  • Flagship Saturday Session – attendance and access online every Saturday morning where you will meet and gain access to an unmatched roster of trend-setting visionaries and creators, with three ‘TED-quality’ guest speakers each week.
  • Weekly Saturday Mastermind – where you will enjoy focused breakouts following our speakers to dive deeper into the morning’s revelations and apply those discoveries to your life, business and legacy.
  • Midweek Sessions – Member hosted special interest groups. Sales & Marketing, Financial Insider, Real Estate Tips, Early Morning WorkOut, Breathwork, and more.
  • The Foundry – METAL’s unique three-times-a-week online confidential deep dive that cultivates heart centered brotherhood between METAL men.
  • Two In-Person Weekend METAL Paloozas per year – in carefully chosen cities where members can meet global thought leaders and each other to hone existing visions and spark new ones. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included for members only Saturday, all guests welcome for Sunday Hike.
  • Annual METAL World Conference – a significant discount to METAL’s new, public Annual World Class High-Level “Forward” Conference- an opportunity to dive deep both with international leaders in tech, media, medicine etc as well as a wider public of innovative thinkers and investors.
  • METAL Business Adventure Travel – exclusive access to experience our unique journeys to meet business leaders in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London etc while exploring these exotic locales with exciting and “off the beaten track” excursions.
  • Private Consultation with METAL Experts – a new service where you can purchase, at an exclusively low rate, private consultation access to leading experts across multiple fields of business, tech and human potential. New members get a 1 hour free credit.
  • Concierge Services – METAL CONCIERGE provides white-glove assistance, connecting members with experts within the network and offering insider recommendations.


As well as…

  • Accountability – METAL men are committed to personal and professional integrity, service and accountability, both to themselves and their families, as well as to the METAL community.
  • Exposure to Diverse Backgrounds – Members hail from diverse countries and industries including media, entertainment, technology, music, arts, science, medicine, industry, law, manufacturing, robotics, space, and finance, fostering a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences.
  • A Global Community – METAL boasts a community spanning 100 cities in 17 countries, connecting powerful and conscientious men worldwide.
  • Authentic Engagement – METAL is distinguished by the genuine engagement of its members, who listen, learn, show up, and engage authentically with each other, creating an environment of brotherhood and personal growth.
  • Strategic Insights – METAL members bring insights into shifts in fields such as technology, business trends, social dynamics, and longevity science, helping to keep the whole community ahead of the curve.
  • Genuine Brotherhood and Friendship – the “magic sauce” that drives all of METAL, the way we support and help each other.

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Annual membership is $5,500, also payable in four quarterly installments of $1,500.