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World War III Is Here and We’re Being Played

Casey Fleming Rings The Alarm in The Halls of Power

“The CCP is waging unrestricted warfare against the free world and the US in particular.”

Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners, a leading strategic risk and corporate counterintelligence outfit, doesn’t mince words.


Some people call him the new Paul Revere. But the more accurate parallel is to Winston Churchill, who in the mid-1930s was a strident “voice in the wilderness,” campaigning to modernize the RAF.  Churchill was riveted on the new Nazi Germany’s massive industrialized military buildup; his foresight saved Britain.

Casey Fleming quotes (next to Casey image) “The CCP is the grand puppeteer partnering (controlling) Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan. Iran is then controlling the terrorist organizations.” -5

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Fleming’s got China’s CCP in his sights.

His mission is the same: to save the free world.

“Nobody likes to hear it, but the strategy of the CCP [Chinese
Communist Party] is complete global dominance. Their stated directive is to control the entire world by 2049, which is the hundred-year anniversary of the communist victory.”


Fleming points out that he is not alone in recognizing this, though others are late to the game. FBI director Christopher Wray recently stated “Every threat right now is code red and the CCP is the most significant.” General Mark Milley recently blinked his eyes as if he had just woken up and said, “The CCP is trying to win the war without fighting!” This is classic Sun Tzu and they’ve been at it for decades. And last week, Jamie Dimon [Chairman of JP Morgan Chase] came out and said that all business must be reorganized around national security. What Dimon means,” Fleming clarifies, “is this is war.”


Armed conflictor “hot war” – will come only as the last stage of the war that is currently being waged on every front, says Fleming.

“It's a bipolar world right now, a wartime world, whether we notice it, like it, or not. But the public doesn’t know how to read the tea leaves. The government is compromised, the media is compromised. TikTok should have been banned years ago. It’s a weaponized military application in the hands of our young adults. In fact, all tech coming out of China is a weapon against the free world.”

The process is no secret. “They start by stealing our IP, develop it quickly because they don’t have to spend the years in R&D that we did, then weaponize it against us and use it to power and fund their Unrestricted War against us."Casey_Fleming_IMG5"BYD is the perfect example, stealing Tesla’s technology then subsidizing price cuts and grabbing global market share. Huawei wormed its way into [Canadian AT&T] Nortel in 2000 and stole 100% of their tech. By 2008, $30B Nortel was bankrupt and Huawei had grown into a $30B company no surprise. This story has played out across multiple industries and continues to increase.”

The CCP’s full-court assault on the West goes beyond economics, says Fleming.


“Having spent the past 14 years immersed in counterintelligence,
advising Congress, the Pentagon, government and Fortune 500
companies,” he says, “I can tell you that there are no rules. The CCP is
waging unrestricted warfare. They are attacking everything that holds our society together, sowing division between races and religions, creating conflict throughout schools and education, sundering the family, undermining fatherhood, poisoning gender politics. We have to think critically, and they are doing everything they can to prevent that. We are being played.”


He rings the alarm bell harder, broadening his purview. “Fentanyl is not killing 100,000 Americans annually as reported. I believe the number is closer to one million each year. And if you look at the southern border, those aren’t just Mexican and Latin American field workers pouring across, they are military-aged Chinese men. Saboteurs, infiltrating, just waiting to be activated when the time comes.”

The United States, he continues, has been here before. “We’re always late to the fight but eventually wise up and take clear action.



“It’s just like World War II. We couldn’t believe Pearl Harbor or Europe
were attacked. The world was shifting, but America had gotten lazy,
dumb and happy and we didn’t see it coming. We are way more lazy and dumber now, and make no mistake, we are in a war – just not a war we are familiar with. This, right now, is exactly what WWIII looks like, but this time it's at the speed of advanced technology and the stealth of comprehensive, unrestricted warfare with no rules.

“They used to call us the guys who cried wolf,” Fleming shakes his head. “Now they are calling us to kill the wolf.”

Today's article was written by Adam Gilad.

Reference material for this article have been supplied by Casey Fleming.

The Final War. The 100-Year Plot to Defeat America

Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry

FBI Director Wray: “The PRC [People’s Republic of China] has made it clear that it considers every sector that makes our society run as fair game in its bid to dominate on the world stage, and that its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure.

Jamie DimonWith that perspective in mind, Dimon said: “We have to restructure trade around national security.”


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