Special thank you to Mark Griffin of Griffin Executive Search for helping METAL with the Code of Conduct. 


Sections 1: Integrity

Our reputation as an organization as one that other members, and the business community at large can trust, is our most valuable asset, and it is up to all of us to make sure that we continually show that this trust is well-founded. All our communications, actions, business practices, and behaviors should increase the trust that others place in us. 

We ask that you treat the entire METAL MEN team, both male and female with the same dignity and respect that you treat your METAL brothers. If you do not treat the METAL team with respect your membership will be revoked. 


Section 2: Agreements

We know that life works insofar as the agreements we keep with ourselves, families, friends, other METAL members, and the outside world. To that end, we help each other make clear agreements with each other, so we can track our progress on those agreements. We are transparent when working with other METAL members, the nature of the agreements, and the results of those relationships.

It’s understood that most businesses fail, especially startup businesses. We do not seek perfection in our agreements, but we do expect the intention for agreements is to do what you say. In cases, when a member can’t perform or do what they say, they quickly let the other member know. 

All METAL members that are engaging in business with one another and or investments in the form of any kind of fiat or crypto should have all the proper licensing and legal documents pertaining to their business dealings. If a METAL member engages in business or solicits funds from another METAL Member without having these in place it is grounds for immediate dismissal.

No Provisional member shall make any business deals or solicit for business within their provisional member period. All full METAL members understand that doing business with other METAL members happens as a result of our friendship first motto, by showing up with integrity and developing real relationships. METAL business relationships should happen organically. Anyone in METAL engaged in aggressive sales tactics will have their membership revoked immediately. 


Section 3: Who we are as men

We are men who don’t lie, misrepresent, or con. We represent the truth and present an authentic person. We prefer those who build & do over those who exploit & use, and we understand the delineation between the same. Ideally, we want to add products and services that enhance, support, heal, maintain wellness etc. over those that destroy, neglect, make sick, and contribute to the rotting or decaying of people, places, and things.

We show up on time, prepared.

We pay our debts.

We set expectations with a clear intention of following through with them to the best of our ability.


Section 4: Dispute resolution

In most cases, we will take the side of the individual or agency that is helping the person in need to achieve their goal. As an attempt to preserve limited assets, investment dollars, and clock cycles, we work diligently so investors and folks supporting our efforts do not feel taken advantage of, used, and in any way unappreciated. It is imperative to the prolonged health of our organization that both inside and outside agents feel like they are making good decisions to work with us. Therefore, in 

situations and circumstances where the dispute seems equal on both sides, as an organization we will side with the investor, and the individual approached and asked to help.

When there are disputes at METAL between members, it’s vital to stay as objective and non-emotional as possible. The facts should be the focus of disputes, so that members are able to understand and take responsibility for having unclear expectations of each other.


Section 5: Commitment to each other and assistance in others success

We meet people where they are, and if they are not as seasoned, or performing at a level we would expect, we do not dismiss them, but rather work to their betterment and education.

We track what each other says, does, and actually what happens over time. Our brotherhood is powerful and withstands the test of time. 


Section 6: Reasons for METAL Dismissal or denied Member status

  1. METAL MEN is a private organization and has the right to refuse membership to anyone at any time if METAL does not feel that they will make a positive contribution to the community.
  2. Not enough experience in their particular field to be considered an expert or a leader.
  3. Behavior or attitude not in line with METAL code of conduct and Integrity.
  4. Reporting from one or numerous sources about unethical business practices.
  5. Reporting of sexual misconduct, hate speech, racism, misogyny,
  6. Refusal to follow METAL guidelines of not discussing politics or religion.
  7. Using METAL for personal gain with no intention of contributing and or committing to the growth of the community.
  8. Exploiting METAL community as a sales funnel and attempting to hard sell members on services or products.


We rely on one another’s good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity for ourselves and Metal International. There are no secret groups within METAL MEN, and it’s understood that all owners, members, and stakeholders of METAL shall be held to the code listed above. We are only as good as our weakest link.  Therefore, we expect all management and members to be guided by both the letter and the spirit of this code.