Gavin McGarry

Gavin, with over 25 years in the media industry, is an accomplished publisher, creative director, and executive producer. He has worked for Endemol, Formula 1, Verizon, CBS, Katie Couric, etc. His expertise spans various platforms, including podcasts, radio, TV, and digital media, with a strong background in business development and strategic planning. Gavin excels in new media and creative direction, producing content that resonates with diverse communities. He collaborates with skilled teams to realize project visions and goals. Notable achievements include launching a successful podcast series and securing major contracts, demonstrating his continuous pursuit of growth and innovation in media entrepreneurship.

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Gary Schare

Gary is an expert in technology product management and product marketing, honed over a 30-year career. His business and technical skills were developed in high-visibility roles at two of the industry’s most successful companies – Microsoft and Apple. He is equally proficient when working internally with product development teams and externally with customers, partners, and the media. He has a proven record of developing winning product strategies and launching dozens of successful products in operating systems, web technology, and media platforms.

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