Shaahin Cheyene

President and Growth Hacker

He created over a BILLION dollars in revenue in his teens with HErbal Ecstacy ® . Shaahin Cheyene Born in Iran,Cheyene is an award winning entrepreneur & writer currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is the CEO of Accelerated Intelligence and of Podcastcola (a podcast booking agency). Through Accelerated Intelligence, an Amazon Marketing & Advertising Agency, he manages the selling of his products and helps other Brand Owners to scale their online sales not just in Amazon but other marketplaces like: ebay, shopify & Walmart. Cheyene shares his passion for Amazon through his Amazon's Course: Amazon Mastery.

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Shaahin Cheyene, President & Growth Hacker


Joseph Panetta

In less than 60 days I made the money back for the course and now I'm seeing a way towards profitability. And more importantly, I'm learning the mechanics of how to do this for myself.


Kam Diba

So what's really great about working with Shaahin and his team, is that you get experts in different areas. I gave them the product idea and they're making a killing out of it; so it's not just Shaahin that you're getting, you're getting his course, you're getting all the experience and you're getting his whole crew. It's really a no brainer.


Paul Morin

I will tell you this, if you commit to it, there's almost no chance you won't be wildly successful. ZERO! The only way you'll feel as if you are not progressing, is if you stop doing it. Shaahin really encourages you to jump in and just start doing it because you'll learn the most when you actually have a project or a task to accomplish with Shaahin. You're not just learning how to sell on the Amazon platform exclusively. You're learning how to sell in general, and it can be applied to many different platforms.