Teddy Saunders

Director, Producer, Entrepreneur

Teddy Saunders is a filmmaker, technologist and futurist with a passion for heart-centered storytelling. His crypto journey began with his first bitcoin purchase in 2013, altcoin purchases in 2017 and now today he is a generalist, who loves to learn and teach all things web3, defi, NFT’s, staking, tokenomics and high level philosophy. Day to day, Teddy runs a media production agency, where his team produces videos, photography, UI/UX design and fully branded websites, mostly for technology brands and funded startups.

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Teddy Saunders, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur

Ron Levy

Ron Levy is the CEO and a co-founder of The Crypto Company, which is one of the first publicly traded companies in the space. Ron is also co-founder and fund manager for Redwood Fund, LP. He has owned and operated businesses for over 30 years and has raised more than $100M in capital for innovative projects and solutions. Ron is a blockchain mentor and guest lecturer for universities and institutions, a founding member of an AI-blockchain mastermind group for social entrepreneurship and change, and an advisor and director of several boards, including the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA).

Ron Levy

TC Vann

T.C.R. Resident Chart Junkie

Perhaps the most lucrative aspect of the Cryptocurrency landscape lies within potential financial gain. In crypto, enormous upside fortune awaits, and equally exponentially more downside pain for those trying to shortcut the system. While WHAT to invest in is indeed important and completely personal, WHEN to pull the trigger on the buy and sell side is perhaps the most critical component. Enter: Technical Analysis. But TA and reading charts isn't just for day traders. Anyone investing their hard earned money into the markets should have a foundation in technical analysis. If you are a hardcore trader or have no idea how to even read a price chart, TC aims to decipher the world of technical analysis and trading to present it in a way that allows individuals of all levels to make better informed financial decisions.

TC Vann

Jordan Vernik

Vice President of Gaia Enterprises // Head of WOW! for PTTOW!

Currently, Jordan is the Vice President of a company that develops top-selling Eco-Friendly products. He is also known as the Head Of Wow! for PTTOW!, where he creates interactive experiences for the largest and most prevalent CEOs, CMOs, and Celebrities in the world with over 200 billion dollars in spending dedicated to important causes on our planet. Jordan's interest in Crypto started in 2017 when he saw an opportunity for people in the arts with the KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) concept in the forefront. He sees crypto as a seed for many artists to take control of their own assets as well as a creative tool that can put a financial stamp on their work.

Jjordan Vernik