Nathaniel Getzels

Real Estate Expert

Nathaniel is a top ranking real estate broker in California and has run a group of specialty agents for over 20 years. While investing in real estate for over 20 years Nathniel hosts a weekly real estate podcast and has a network of agents spanning across many countries. Nathaniel has been specializing in fractional ownership. He specializes in real estate, real estate investing, specialty properties, horse properties, fixer uppers, land marketing, multi family, REO, bank owned, and multi million dollar estates.

Nathaniel Getzels, Real Estate Expert


Fred Joyal

I had my house on the market for 3 months, with no success. I switched to Nate and he got exactly what I wanted in two weeks. His counsel and advice is unsurpassed in this industry.


Jay Samit

In an ever changing market, I turn to Nathaniel for the best insights on creating value.


Joseph Pannetta

Investment asset, currency, home, no matter your approach, your need, your question. Nathaniels encyclopedic knowledge combined with practical hands-on real estate experience, delivered with equal parts compassion and authority will enlighten and enrich you. More than just the answer to the question.