The warmth of an embrace. The sparks of new insight. The fire of a shared vision.

We, as METAL men, love connecting by Zoom but there is nothing as powerful and intimate -- and fun -- as deep hang-time in person with brothers.

And METALPALOOZA is where you will get it all.

You're among the select few guests invited to this premier, in-person METAL event. Join Ken Rutkowski and Will Henshall April 6th & 7th for a weekend of profound and easy-going METAL connection. Think of it as taking a deep inhale in your busy life.

es, we have extraordinary speakers, including an exclusive evening encounter with Chris Voss, the legendary FBI negotiator. Yes, we have fine, catered meals and the opportunity to share and get feedback on your newest ventures from our wise brain trust. Yes, we are meeting at a gorgeous seaside locale. But mostly, you will have time to connect even more deeply with METAL members and select guests.

Enjoy this weekend of exclusive access and the kind of genuine brotherhood that is so rare and so special in this world -- and that makes METAL the unique oasis of masculine heart and intelligence that we are so proud to evolve into an even more exciting future. 

See details below and purchase your ticket today.



Guest tickets are $295. Space is limited and ticket sales end March 31st.

Ticket covers the in-person METAL Saturday morning session, along with lunch and dinner on Saturday. Sunday hike is free. Sunday lunch and evening entertainment are a la carte.

SATURDAY (men only)
 9:00a - Coffee/breakouts @ Village Workspaces
10:00a - METAL Saturday, with Zoom for those not in LA 
12:00p - Lunch
1:30p - Ad hoc meetups
5:00p - Mixer @ Marina Del Rey Hotel with cash bar
6:30p - Dinner by Salt in Waterfront Room

SUNDAY (co-ed)
9:30a - Hike @ Los Leones Trail
12:00p - Lunch @ TBD
6:00p - Freddie Ravel @ Vibrato (get your tickets early)


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