METAL 2024 Price and Terms


  • The 2024 annual membership fee is $5,500, plus a one-time account set-up fee of $150. Membership fees are due yearly in advance (with no service fee) or in 4 equal quarterly installments of $1,500 (includes a 9% service fee).

  • Membership is provisional and subject to approval within the first 30 days. We require two references and run a light background check.

  • If a membership application is denied, we will refund the full membership fee, less the one-time account set-up fee of $150. 

  • All memberships renew automatically each year on the anniversary of the initial membership payment.

  • Membership commitment is 1 year, starting on the date of membership payment.

  • You may cancel your membership within 30 days of your subscription start date by emailing us at
    • You will receive a pro rata refund of 11/12 of your annual subscription fee (or 2/3 of your quarterly fee).
    • Cancelled memberships cannot be restarted for 3 years after the cancellation date.