Gregory Wendt, CFP

Sustainable Wealth Management and Strategy, Regenerative Economic Development & Capital Innovation Advisor

I help people see, recognize and create value.

When I discovered the paradigm of sustainable development, I saw it as a viable alternative to our current capitalist mindset as taught in university economic departments.

Ever since I have enjoyed expressing my gifts across a range of themes:

  • personal development psychology
  • sustainable wealth management
  • regenerative economic development
  • green economy
  • business management innovation

Now my focus is to integrate best practices for a regenerative economy.

I serve a range of clients and projects which create better thinking, tools and systems for humanity.

I am most intrigued by people and projects to evolve financial markets, social equity and economic systems to create shared prosperity and thriving for all people and all life.

Since my college days my roles and relationships have expanded with a growing circle of friends and clients who express their vision for a better world. My intensely curious mind led me to study various schools of thought from economics to computer science, biology and wisdom traditions. Then I built my expertise while working with several large and small investment banks, financial institutions and think tanks.

I am beyond grateful to the women and men who are my mentors, whose insights and gifts inspire me every day.

Today I and my circle of friends weave across the world to serve and evolve humanity through a range of economic development groups, think tanks, investment networks, families of wealth, social enterprises, indigenous groups, regenerative agriculture, social innovation, women led enterprises, etc , through our activities toward implementing the most advanced practices to achieve the sustainable development goals. Please reach out to connect anytime you feel I can add value to your efforts.

Being a Southern California native, I have celebrated living in Santa Monica since I moved here in 1983. I love creating art, savoring rare aged teas, cooking for loved ones, long walks, ocean swimming, esoteric philosophy, meditation, yoga, surfing and photography...

My aim is to carry my passion for personal development and human evolution into every moment with every relationship. Biggest Aspiration: to create a functional operations management plan for all of Earth.

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Gregory Wendt, CFP