Sam Morris

Enlightened Leadership Coach, METAL Foundry Facilitator

Sam Morris is an enlightened leadership coach who works with entrepreneurs and CEOs who are equally as committed to the process of self-actualization as they are to the success of their business. Through a unique combination of dialogue, breathwork, meditation and embodiment practices, Sam helps his clients to get to the deeper truth of who they are and who they wish to become as leaders.

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Sam Morris, Enlightened Leadership Coach, METAL Foundry Facilitator


Chris Steely

I’ve made it a weekly ritual to attend Sam Morris’ Zen Warrior Enlightened Leadership Salon.
Sam opens a container in which we all express our deepest, most powerful selves, engaging one another; listening and empowering our brothers to step into our greatness by stepping away from the “normal,” and considering what might be possible… It sets me up for an amazing week.


Allan Mostow

Sam Morris’s Zen Warrior Enlightened Leadership Salon is a MUST DO beginning to an insightful and productive week. Enlightenment and success flow from the inside out and every session helps set the stage for you to hear “You’ve made my day” from those with whom you come in contact.


Isaac Mizraki

I have been attending Sam's Zen Warrior Enlightened Leadership Salon since the very first one and have made a point of never missing that weekly session. His welcoming and enfolding of all the views and thoughts of all who attend makes it a venue where one can learn, grow and share. There is no magic bullet that Sam will provide but an environment to continue one's own journey of evolution and exploring philosophical and practical concepts such as perspective, intentionality, adversity, clarity, love, seeing and being seen. As someone who aims to live a meaningful life, Sam's guidance as he leads the entire group on that Monday morning journey has been both enriching and helpful for me.